About me

(aka useless information that nobody cares about)

Ok since you got to this page you are probably interested in learning a few things about me. My name is John Tsiombikas (Γιάννης Τσιομπίκας), and I am also known by the alias "Nuclear" (mainly in the demoscene). I am involved in the demoscene for some years now, since one of my main interests is graphics programming. I have been for many years the programmer of the demogroup called The Lab. I am also one of the two programmers of the new-born demogroup mindlapse (the other being samurai previously of reversed-engineers and co-developer of 3dengfx).

It's all about freedom

I am a strong supporter of the notion of free software. That is, being able to use, modify, and distribute modifications of software so that you can help yourself, help those around you, and also help the software itself to evolve.
As such, I am an associate member of the Free Software Foundation, a non-profit organization for the promotion of the ideals of free software, which I urge you to support anyway you can.


My main interest lies in graphics programming, but I am also interested in low-level systems programming, distributed processing, and in some aspects of artificial intelligence. For more information about my projects go to my main page.

When I'm not programming, I like to write articles and tutorials to pass on the knowledge in my areas of expertise. Again for more information about my articles, go to my main page.

My computers

These are the computers I currently have in active duty and use more or less regularly:


Here is a random assortment of photos.

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